Echo “Smoke-free Sportswear Day” on 31 May every year to encourage smokers to quit through exercise and move towards a tobacco-free Hong Kong!

Support Smoke-free Sportswear Day

The API aims to raise public awareness on the dangers of secondhand and third-hand smoke, and encourage smokers to make the right choices for their own health and the health of future generations by quitting smoking as early as possible!

Smoking Causes Endless Harm!

Tobacco contains thousands of chemicals, among which nicotine is a highly addictive substance that changes the brain circuits, making smokers dependent on nicotine and causing damage to the body. Many smokers were not aware of its addictiveness and believed that they could control themselves from being addicted when they first started smoking. They might take the first puff for various reasons, but once they become hooked on nicotine, they gradually lost the free will to choose not to smoke.

The Trap of Nicotine Addiction

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